Abroad travels in Astrology

Every person wishes to travel abroad and explore the various beautiful culture of different countries. But, not everyone is able to see world. Some people easily get PR visa and some after trying so hard don’t get visa.Why is this so ? This is because of Foreign Yog in Birth Chart.

Foreign Yog in Kundali or Birth Chart is seen from 9th House. Many astrologers have this misconception that foreign journeys or foreign settlements are foreseen only from 12th house of birthchart. Well, 9th house also plays an signifiant role in foreign settlements or foreign related career.

There are 3 houses in kundali which takes away you from your birth place.

3rd house – It leads to neighboring cities. For example, if I am born in Mumbai, then I will settle or frequently travel to Delhi, Chennai, Kolkatta, Bengluru etc. Person travelling 2-3 hours a day to reach office is also because of strong influence of 3rd house in their kundali.

9th House – It leads to foreign settlement or frequent travelling to abroad depending upon the Yog in kundali. 9th house is srongly seen for foreign and long distance travels. For example, my Navmansha or career related planet is in 9th House, and I am born in Mumbai, then my chances of settling in countries like US, Canada or Australia becomes easy depending upon the strength of those planets in 9th house.

12th House – This house doesn’t signifies ONLY foreign BUT it signifies any UNKNOWN place, which can be any unknown place which we are not aware of or never thought of travelling there.

Apart from the above houses, Sagittarius & Pisces zodiac signs place an important role in foreign related things, whether it is career, higher studies or marriage.

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