Astrological Tips for Health and Weight Loss

Good health is Real wealth. This blog will highlight astrological tips for health and weight loss. You find yourself land on the internet to find some easy tips to shed or gain weight. You get bombarded with tons of blogs claiming weight loss tips and types of food you should eat to have an optimal weight.

But here is the catch!

Every body is different and to have a common information for weight loss/gain isn’t going to suit all. 


According to Vedic Astrology, each body needs accurate health related tips based on their zodiac signs. Because every zodiac embodies a unique personality, body type and eating culture. Once you know what is right for you, the tips will WORK FOR YOU!

Uses of medical astrology,

> Strength and weaknesses of a body

> Nutrition Deficiencies

> Prediction of illness and its intensity and duration

Let’s dive into the best ways to lose weight according to astrology for each sign

Weight loss for:


Natives are naturally blessed with an optimal physique and strong body. But since they put on weight like nobody’s business and cannot resist themselves from binge eating, they should focus on binge eating healthy like rich protein and green leafy vegetable, milk, yoghurt and natural juices (not packaged)


Known to eat like crazy, Taurus ascendants have an average bodily structure. More suitable diets for Taurus will be chicken, lettuce, cauliflower, green beans, strawberries, spinach. 


They have muscular body personality types. You need to stop eating junk out of control to maintain your body. Suitable foods will be cheese, grape fruits, chicken peas, peaches.


Other zodiacs wish they were you, A lean body which doesn’t put on weight even after being the biggest foodie. However if you do put on weight then chicken, beetroot, egg plants, bananas, oranges and soya bean sprouts.


Apart from having a lean and muscular body structure, you are blessed with great inner strength. But sometimes a lazy routine can make it difficult to lose weight, for which cheese, cucumber, asparagus will help lose weight fast.


The major problem is that you tend to have a slow digestion process which makes it hard for weight loss. You should include cauliflower, broccoli, apples, spinach, eggplant to lose weight.


You worship a good fitness routine but tend to gain weight quickly so eating small meals at certain intervals of time will work well for you.


Since you are highly sensitive person, you can tend to have lot of restlessness which results in weight gain for which you should include a lot of underground vegetable such as carrot, radish, beetroot and green leafy vegetables


You can lose weight easily but losing weight quickly shouldn’t be your priority but in a healthy manner should be. Green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, spinach, kale that will work for you.


Shrimp, prawn, lettuce, green beans, blue berries will perfectly work for you since it maybe difficult for you to lose weight


Since you do not know when to stop excess eating, you tend to gain weight quickly. Moreover, Strict control on your eating habits and regular exercise will help you extremely.


Rice, peas, cauliflower, cheese, strawberries will help you to lose weight. You are a fitness freak and gaining weight might not be taken well by you.

Important weight loss tips for zodiac:

> Always eat your light food after sunset

> Make it a habit to have 2 3 warm glasses of water when you wake up in the morning

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Nevertheless, More power to you!

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