When will you get Married as per Astrology ?

Marriage is predominately seen from 7th house of our kundali. If the 7th house is favorable with good planets and signs, then marriage life will be all smooth.

7th House determines our life-partner and 1st house is we/ourselves.

Navmansha kundali which is D-9 chart gives indepth clear picture of our entire married life.

If D-9 lord is associated with houses like 7-11-5 then the married life is awesome.

Many astrologers say that, and infact in my initial studies of this science, we were thought that 2nd house also play role in marriage and hence this house is seen for marriage yog. However, over the years of my research and studies, I have found that 2nd house doesn’t support in married life. Infact, 2nd house is 8th house of our life partner(house of death and tensions and fights).

2nd house of Kundali can be seen only only incase of big families or super joint families. (But these days it doesnt much exists.) 2nd house – the life partner will be from technical field, Finance/banking field.

5th house – Love marriage, life partner will be romantic in nature, loving and caring.

11th house – Overall married life will be smooth.

Some negative houses for marriage are 6-10-4-12

4th house and 9th house leads to engagements break.

12th house means native’s own mistakes in marriage life and 6th house denotes life partners mistakes, issues from their side.

D-9 in signs like virgo, Gemini, Pisces and Saggi are not good for marriage. Chances of more than 1 marriage.

D-9 with planet like Rahu, chances of getting cheated in relationships.

These were marriage yog, BUT WHEN WILL YOU GET MARRIED ???


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