Benefits of Orgonite Pyramid

Benefits of Orgonite Pyramid

Better sleep and vivid dreams.

The positive energy in an orgonized room causes the sleeper to enjoy a deeper and much better quality of sleep that’s free of restlessness. Orgonite Pyramids help with sleep disorders and disturbances. As a result, they help to eliminate the feeling of morning fatigue and inertia, causing a boost in energy levels from the start of the day. Dreams are more vivid, and there are fewer occurrences of bad dreams resulting in good health benefits by orgonite.

Improved mental clarity, clear brain waves, and a sense of well-being.

With all the POR being transferred into the atmosphere, there occurs a huge change in individual moods in a positive manner. Orgonite Pyramids also have the added effects of producing negative ions (oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron) that affect moods positively via raised serotonin blood levels.

Accelerated and healthier plant growth.

Orgone energy affects every living thing because it is life energy−from humans to animals and even plants. With an Orgone generator present, you will be able to see this effect first hand. Plants tend to thrive in the presence of positive Orgone energy. Many experiments have been carried out to ascertain this, and they have been able to successfully prove this.

Supports faster wound healing and health benefits.

There are many health benefits of orgonite pyramids. Orgone energy helps to facilitate faster healing of wounds. It should be noted that it is not a medicine, so actual visits to the hospital and proper attention and treatments should be given to wounds. However, it helps to promote faster healing after necessary treatments have been carried out.

Calming effects on animals.

Just like plants and humans, orgone energy affects animals as well. The presence of an orgone generator has positive effects on pets. It will calm them down and reduce their fussing.

  • Orgonite Pyramid is an efficient ‘cleaner’ of stagnant and negative energies.
  • People using Orgonite Pyramid feel more energized that, in some, manifest as a tingling or warm sensation.
  • It is a godsend for those suffering from mood swings, since Orgonite Pyramid works towards mental calmness and balances moods.
  • Orgonite Pyramid works as a sleeping aid. With its use, insomniacs or those who have difficulty in sleeping, not only sleep soundly, but also have vivid dreams.
  • Orgonite Pyramid boosts the immune system, thereby increasing the body’s resistance to illness.
  • Orgonite Pyramid provides protection against electromagnetic radiations, emanating from electronic items and high-tension wires.
  • Orgonite Pyramid makes plants grow profusely.
  • On the spiritual plane, it aids in meditation by calming the mind that helps in spiritual growth.
  • Orgonite Pyramid can transform energy from an unbalanced state into a healthier state. It can also add positive energy when necessary

How to use Orgonite? 

The simplest way to use Orgonite Pyramid is to place it in your home to balance the energies. However, to make the crystal more effective, you can place it strategically in areas that hold pockets of negative energy. You can easily identify such areas, if they make you lazy and lethargic. Keeping Orgonite Pyramid in such places helps improve the energy flow.  

However, there is certainly no better way of obtaining the full advantage of Orgonite Pyramid then by carrying it on person at all times. One way to carry it on person is by wearing a orgonite pendant.

There are immense benefits of wearing Orgonite as a pendant. The orgone energy emitted by the Orgonite pendant is always protecting you wherever you go by blocking the electromagnetic radiations. It also improves health and infuses the body with more energy and verve. Orgonite are generally made of metal, organic stuffs, quartz, copper metal which increases the benefits of wearing orgonite pyramid.


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