Benefits of Orgonite

Benefits of Orgone Pyramids

  • Counters EMF radiation: The grids, satellite beaming down, cell towers as well as other sources of EMF are damaging to the body. This radiation successfully neutralizes , thus protecting you.
  • Negative energy: Negative energy collecting as disorders and diseases in the body manifests. An Orgone pyramid turns this energy into a positive person supplying vitality and health.
  • Purifies the environment: by infusing positivity The pyramid calms your environment relieving you from anxiety, anxiety and depression.
  • Aids in sleep and lucid dreaming: The presence of pyramid from the bedroom is enough to put you not only but also bring on dreaming.
  • Water: The combo of Orgone and pyramid energy helps detoxify water.
  • Helps in spiritual development: The energy enhances the ability to focus, thus supporting meditation. Such uninterrupted meditation helps in growth.