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Career is very important in one’s life. A person should choose the right career to constantly progress well in life. Career can be into anything which gives the person a source of quality livelihood and good name and respect in society. It can be taking up a job or doing own business, politics, sports or to become an actor. A successful career should be not only for one’s family, but it also plays a significant role on economy of the country residing in.

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Career is Astrology is seen from various angles. Career is integration of education background, nature of the person and source of earning. Nature (conscious mind) is seen from D-9 i.e. Navmansha and Sub conscious mind is seen from D-60. Overall Career is seen from D-10 chart.

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10th House signifies fame, promotion in career and leads to the epitome of success. Following are the career paths if D-10 lord is placed in different house in one’s kundali :-

House 1- Business possible with owns will. Negative house for family business.

House 2 – Family business, money leding business, food and catering business.

House 3- Communication related, travelling, salesman, Stationery, printing unit, Journalism, Singer, Advetising agency, also some business with the help of young siblings.

House 4 – Work from Home, Tuitions, education related, Agriculture, Property Buy-Sell, Estate agency, Automobile designing. Negative house for Speculation.

House 5 – Arts, Sports, Beauty Parlor, Tourism, Hotel Management, Fashion designing Circus, Speculation, and Share Markets.

House 6- Manufacturing factory, Medicine, Doctors, Law, Business is not suitable for this house at all. Good for Job and service industry.

House 7 –Marketing business, NGO, Public relations, matrimonial agency, anchors. Suitable for mostly all Business.

House 8 – Army, Police, Insurance business, big machinery related business, Surgeons, Business of In-Laws, Retail Shops, and Mechanical Engineers.

House 9- Physical commodity related work is negative; Don’t keep stocks, research work, Consultancy, FOREIGN related work, Foreign Settlements, Import-Export, Business of Religious products, PMC.

House 10- All Business related to physical commodities, goods, Father’s Business, Government Jobs and work related to Govt. Politics, Good designation at work, good power and reputation, Pilot, name-fame.

House 11- Business with the help of friends, More returns with very less hardwork. Overall Good success in any work.

House 12- Business related to Yoga classes, Sprituality, Reiki, Meditation centres, Business at unknown place with unknown people.

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