Vastu Shastra Tips for Office

Building a career requires hard work, patience and passion. And being an entrepreneur, you have to maintain these qualities even more. While you think these maybe the only aspects necessary for a success for a career, direction plays a super important role in deciding how well you’ll flourish or how much clients you’ll attract.

We are not talking about direction in life. Even more, your growth depends on the direction of groups placed in your office.

Why does it matter?

Vastu Shastra is the science of the environment you live in. It is to be noted that religion has nothing to do with it. Since it is so ancient, let’s back to its history. The old sages led the knowledge of the gravitational forces, magnetic field, position of earth, intensity of everything, etc. that’ll help immensely today in the success for your career.

That’s why placing your seating arrangement, certain objects in your office in a particular direction increases the magnetic field too that’ll bring more prosperity and good luck to you.

Some of the benefits of following Astrology are:

> Vastu creates financial stability

> Indeed you open so many doors for new opportunities

> Besides it brings more money in your life

> In all honesty relationships become stronger

> You attract more happiness and joy

Moreover now let’s come to the main topic; knowing about Vastu Shastra tips for your office

> If your workstation faces the north side, then keep your files, folders, computer & other electronic gadgets on the left side however if it faces the south then place the above mentioned items in the south.

> Avoid placing idols or images of deities on your desk. There should be a separate place provided for it which is separate from your day to day things.

> Do not eat food at your workstation table. Only your work should be done on the work table. Therefore any other activity will only cause disturbance while your work.

> Your reception of the office is the main area and tells a lot about your organization. It attracts customers. It should  be diagonally facing the door. Flowers placed at reception area invites good energy for the success of your career.

> Your workstation table should be of a rectangular shape. Indeed an ideal table for focused work has four corners.

Hence, now it’s time to make some changes and remember these tips while building a new one. And see how your work life flourishes.

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