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Is a broken marriage indicated in your Horoscope?

It’s true that astrology reveals its and bits about your marriage life. In fact, through your birth chart, you can uncover fate for areas of your life like education, career, personal life, and death. You can lead a happy life and prevent a broken marriage. Your horoscope can tell about your: Past, present, and future […]

Remedies for stress, anxiety, and anger issues as per astrology

Is life making you crazy with the burden of emotions, unchecked anxiety, a lot of stress, and a short-tempered? If your stress, anxiety and anger are out of control, then you know something is out of balance in your stars. Planets are strongly connected to a person’s emotions, and even the slightest disconnect can create […]

How to become a money magnet as per Astrology

Want to see your money grow and become a money magnet? No hoax or shady advice. Astrological and in fact simply practical Sometimes all efforts go in vain even if you’re trying every possible strategy/ advice/suggestion/ mantras to resolve your financial issues. You always end up having money crunches. But what you need to understand […]


Vedic Astrology Vedic astrology is India’s ancient system of knowledge. According to teachings, our goals in life should be spiritual growth. Moreover, Vedic astrology shows accurate calculations and is more reliable. In fact, to become a Vedic scholar, take up the best course to learn vedic astrology online. Further, you can study basic to advanced […]

Planetary impacts on Relationships

Planetary positions affecting relationships is not something we’ve unheard. It has been going on since ancient times. Furthermore it determines the problems that would arise in natives. Because of ill placed planets in their horoscope. And hence in finding effective solutions for the same. So that you can avoid the negative effects of Planetary impacts […]

Top 4 Zodiac signs who will become CEO

Aren’t you curious that there is something in this universe that is determining your destiny or that can predict your life? Or there is a magical cheat sheet that has answers to your life? Well it’s Astrology! Astrology tells us what destiny has for each sign and their most innate characteristics. Your most innate characteristics tell […]