Choose your career according to Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic Astrology, what career to choose? I will cover everything related to it in this blog. For most people, a career is something they build from scratch . And it’s the most important thing in anyone’s life after family.

Making a solid decision like a career can’t be taken lightly. Moreover, it’s the bread and butter for some. For others it should fulfill 3 things
  • Interest in the particular job
  • Be able to sustain because of sufficient package
  • Finally, Possessing the exact skills for that work

Did you know your perfect career depends on planetary positions in your house?

Moreover an expert astrologer can understand your birth chart and help you choose the right career for your bright future.

In career path, 10th house is recognized as work and profession..

Therefore, we now know that 10th house has a direct & significant effect on your career, Let’s see what you should know about it. 

According to astrology, how to select a profession:

  • Study of 2nd, 6th and 10th house presents income through profession, day to day service and career of the native.
  • Position of planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, etc.
  • Presence of the sun in specific houses will have a rock solid effect on your career. Moreover, it’s reliable in helping a person have a bright career.
  • Saturn showcases your work routine, performance ranking and complications in work
  • Jupiter highlights your capability to earn wealth. Moreover it shows how strongly you can treat your present with your past good karmas.
  • Mercury helps in interpreting your commercial success.

Many wish to know career astrology, based on their date of birth. Indian astrology immensely gives you clarity in this. Furthermore, People born under different zodiac signs select varied options for their career.

According to vedic astrology, what job to choose for each zodiac:

-ARIES mostly find their interest in various fields. professions like army, defence, police, medical professional etc.

-Gemini’s enjoy professions like fashion designing, luxury goods, traders, etc

-Cancers unleash career options in Marines

-Leos suit best in managerial posts and politics

-Virgos choose accounting or media related jobs

-Libras cherish professions related law

– Scorpios excel in pharma related jobs

– Sagittarius make wondrous teachers, lecturers

-Capricorns success in job related to mining

-Aquarius make impressive educationalists and professors

-And Pisces suit best in jobs related with marine

We all dream of having a successful career. However, Astrology helps you begin correctly.

More health and power to you!

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