Gemstones – Superstition or Effective ?

Questions related to importance of gemstones and their effects on the well being of the wearers have always stirred the thoughts of human beings. Does the wearing of gemstones have any scientific basis or is it mere superstition?

In the present materialistic society, everybody wants to reap maximum profits in minimum labour. Hence people are inspired to wear stones. But at this juncture, their ignorant but logical conscience puts a question: “Is it really fruitful to wear stones?” Most of them then begin to believe that stones and confusions related to them are means of livelihood for the astrologers and jewellers. If everything is possible by wearing a simple stone what is the use of action then, they ask. Gemmology is an important part of astrology and it has never been mentioned in it that one, who wants good fortune, should give up his efforts and come to depend upon the fortune entirely. In fact, both fate and action are two sides of the same coin and have their own importance. Neither of them is complete alone. Only working together action and fate can give synergic results. If only action were enough everybody, who works hard eight or ten hours a day, would be a millionaire. In reality, we see that most of the rich people do not work so hard; but they skilfully make the others to work for them. On the other hand, it is also seen that poor people or labourers work very hard from dawn to dusk but could earn their daily bread only with difficulty. Miraculous change is, however seen in the position of such poor people when they consult learned astrologers and begin to wear gem or stones prescribed by them. As soon as they wear stones, their fate takes the lead and raises them to the great heights wealthwise. There are also known incidents when some beggar finds a stone in the path and becomes the lord of many palace-like houses and inassessible wealth.


We have so far clarified that every gemstone has some kind of miraculous powers which is often referred to as divine powers. According to its colour, every gem represents a planet of the matching colour. As for example, Venus has white colour hence it is represented by diamond. Red or pink ruby similarly represents the sun and yellow sapphire represents Jupiter.

Each gem of the Navratna category represents a planet of the solar system. When we wish to enjoy the favourable effects of a particular planet, we wear the stone representing that planet on our fingers, neck or arm. It is also important here to know that stone of a particular planet must be worn on the finger that represents it. In astrology, every finger is believed to represent a particular planet viz. Thumb represents Venus, index finger represents Jupiter, middle finger represents Saturn, ring finger represents the sun and little finger represents Mercury.

Effects of the stones can be compared with the way modern medicine employs to remove the deficiency of vitamins in body. As for example green vegetables are prescribed to remove the deficiency of vitamin A and iron and basking is suggested to correct the disturbances in the level of vitamin D. Similarly stones are suggested to remove the deficiencies in the influence of particular planet. Therefore, gemstones are very beneficial in improving one’s health.