Palm Reading for Beginners: Guide to read Palm lines

Tell me my future? The typical question which we all need to answer. The answer is this 1000 year old ancient subject known as Palmistry. It’s origin is in India. The sages of that time explored and read a lot of hands over time. Palmistry requires a lot of practice to actually be able to tell a person’s fortune and misfortune correctly. The line in your hands is special and reveals so much about you. There is no palmistry without you. So, palm reading for beginners or getting your hands read by a professional palm reader is something you should never miss.

The Hands in Charge

Identifying the hand in charge is easy. The active hand of the left handed person will be his/her left hand and the passive hand will be the right hand, and vice versa. Moreover, Passive hand always unveils the inherited traits, and the active hands shows the changes taken place in the inherited traits. 

What makes each hand unique?

Every hand not only differs in shape and size but the length of his or her fingers tell a different story. Additionally, each hand tells a unique story so understanding the anatomy of each hand is crucial in palm reading.


There happens to be four elements of nature, viz.,air, water, fire and earth. People with earth shaped hands usually have square- shaped palm, clear and deep set lines, thick skin and long fingers. One who has square-shaped palm, long fingers and thin but clearly visible lines have air- shaped hands. Water shaped hands consist of an oval palm, long fingers, a lot of fine lines, and soft and moist skin. Fire shaped hands show long palms, short fingers, thick and well defined lines and hard but warm skin. People with earth hands are the one who are practical, strong, but modest people. Moreover, sensitive, emotional and creative people are ones having Water hands. Fire hands have confident, positive and risk taking behaviour in them.


People with large hands are the first to think and then act, while a person with small hands shows active and impulsive behavior who thinks a lot less.

Flexibility of the Thumb in Palm reading

A thumb shows how flexible and rigid you are while also telling about your communication skills. People with thumb able to bend backwards are extroverts and very flexible people, people listen to them and their path shows flexibility. Whereas people with rigid thumbs find themselves being accepted less and when they seek out to solve a problem, their rigid behavior will try to solve it anyhow.

Line on the Palm

Palmistry exists because of the mystery lines on your palms. Moreover, this is what shows you the mysteries hidden, fortunes to be discovered, characteristics of that particular soul and their personality. The most basic yet important thing you have to know about the lines in your palm is that there are various types of lines each signifying a very important thing about your life. Moreover, they are the success line, life line, health line, marriage line, the travel line, the line of fate, etc. All of these tell you something different, show you the complication that might hinder your success, health and relationships.

Life Line Palmistry

The lines arising from between the thumb and the index finger, which extends down till the edge of your palm is your lifeline. The thickness, length and shape of the line shows everything related to a person’s age, health, etc. However you must have encountered many telling you this line tells how long you will live. Well that’s not true. To clarify, your life longevity can’t be interpreted that way.

Fate line Palmistry

This line is not seen in all. But if it happens to be there, it extends from the center of the palm, vertically down to the wrist. Also, it shows the major life changes in a person’s life or may show any future situation that can occur. 

Marriage Line Palmistry

Your marriage life and the events related to it can be seen as a line below the little finger. It may also reveal the number of times you may get married.

Heart Line Palmistry

This line refers to the person’s nature, intellect, psychological and mental problems that one may suffer. And it shows right above the life line.

Mount on the palm

The mounts on the palm are found at the base of the fingers. A palm reader understands the firmness, color, texture which reveals crucial information. Below are the important ones:

Mount of Venus

Found: Base of the thumb

Indicates: Passion, Love, Sympathy

Mount of Jupiter

Found: Base of the index finger

Indicates: Love towards nature, leadership and ambition

Mount of Saturn

Found: Base of the middle finger

Indicates: Balance, wisdom

Mount of Apollo

Found: Base of the ring finger

Indicates: creativity, success and happiness

Mount of Mercury

Found: Base of the little finger

Indicates: Success in business, criminal tendencies 

Maybe palmistry was about reassuring you that your destiny is in your hands. MAYBE -Landlocked Sailor

Hope this brought some insights on palm reading for beginners and if you want to get palmistry reading by a professional, you can book an appointment here.

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