• If you’ve facing health problems that appear to have no alternative regardless of all of the medical aid which you search, the true difficulty could lie at the energies that you’re bringing on your lifetime.
  • Your Own birth chart, which can be drawn with your Birth date and time not merely predicts your character but also lets you know about your wellbeing and well-being. In the end, your health is affected by the energies which various planets in various places bring into your immediate surroundings.
  • Health aids aren’t limited to physiological disorders but also shed light in your psychological condition of being. The planetary positions ascertain the severity of any health issue, the cause as well as the remedy.
  • In this consultation, it’s likely to predict the majority of the critical diseases and triggers. In the event of some particular circumstances, a more comprehensive study of this birth chart is necessary. But to find an entire wellness file, all you’ve got to do is send in your own personal details like your arrival time and date.
  • Treatments are advised depending on the week Planets and Nakshatra in Kundali


  • Price: $100.00
    Astrological Guidance on your Health
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