Our living space perfectly reflects the state of our mind. We always attract apartments and houses with vibrations and limitations similar to ours. By healing the defects of certain living space and creating a space full of harmony, we bring more harmony into our lives, attracting prosperity, spiritual vibrations and fulfilling relationships.

Energy of space you live in is affecting you more than you think. Our health and well-being are affected by five elements, warmth and light from the Sun, climate conditions, magnetic fields of Earth, planets and other subtle energies. Elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether are present in our physical bodies, like in nature that surrounds us. It is architect’s duty to avoid conflicts between these five elements.

When choosing or arranging our home or apartment, we usually pay the biggest attention to how functional it is, or if it pleases the eye. Rarely do we even think that there are some higher, natural laws, affecting each living space. This is why while living in some places we feel contentment and experience prosperity, good health and happy relationships, while other spaces make us feel gloomy (no matter how nicely designed they might be on the outside) and their vibrations bring confusion into our life. Your living space can become for you the source of your strength or drain you off your energy. What would you chose?

This analysis shows you where in your home are energies of certain planets from your personal horoscope active. Each planet has its own “line” on which energy is strongest and this is graphically shown on ground plan of your home. With graphically shown lines of planets you will receive brief explanation why certain planet has to be closed or opened.

Detailed ground plan of your apartment/house in the Vastu grid, with your personal lines of planets.

Propositions of changes on the ground plan.

Weaknesses and strengths of your living space, which will show you how much your apartment/home says about you.

Practical tips for rearranging your living space based on your own horoscope.

Yantras to balance the energy of the space.

Propositions of other Vastu and Astrology remedies, if they are needed.

To make a proper Astro Vastu analysis it is necessary to have ground plan of your home, we would also need to know the city, date and time of your birth.