Happiness can be found in the darkest of times only when one remembers to turn on the light. Yet we find it difficult to find the light at the end of the tunnel of the hard times we go through. It’s easy to learn all the ways to keep our happiness intact yet we let the smallest of things break our happiness barrier. We all want to be truly happy.

How do we change that?

Astrology shows promising ways to harmonize our mental peace. It’s not something we don’t know but truly understanding it will strengthen our happiness barrier so that we become tougher on the inside and stay peaceful always.

Ways to truly gain happiness according to Astrology:

  1. Law of Karma

> One of the supremely important things believed in Astrology is ‘Law of Karma’. Do good, Reap good. That’s indeed a simple way to ensure you are always happy. Life is simple and we tend to complicate it. If only we understand how easy it is to do good, feel good, so that it returns back because every action has an equal and opposite reaction then life will be truly a cake walk.

  1. Withstand any Hardship

> In Astrology, your birth chart, your zodiac signs play a major role in identifying the roadblocks for you and also gives you remedies to overcome those setbacks and withstand any hardship coming your way. Your problems are never taken away but you will always have strength to get through it. And each time you do it, you become a little stronger and more content with your life.

  1. Expectations

> We all have heard that attachments cause sadness and it’s true. Because nothing is ever guaranteed to us. Our expectations will only cause us unexpected results. Don’t get it wrong, expecting is a good thing but, feeling that everything will go according to your way and try to have things in control will only cause disappointment. Detaching yourself from any outcome, things will keep you at a better place mentally. A self centred person never attaches himself to the outcome and therefore nothing affects him.

  1. You are the Universe

> This should be the constant reminder for each soul. Whenever you are going through a dark phase where you think you can never get out of it, remember that you are not a part of the universe, you are the universe. We all want to be truly happy so we should believe that we are limitless. And the universe is abundant. Even this thought is so hopeful, imagine believing it can give you eternal peace.

Happiness is an inside job. Nothing can make you happy if you are not happy inside. It’s never the material things that will ever make you truly, it’s the happiness you chose to have even when you have nothing. That’s when you’re truly happy.

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