Importance of Mahurat

Humans always select an appropriate time before starting any venture for the successful completion of the work and to bring happiness and prosperity in their lives. The same is also done to achieve success without facing any hurdles, to put life on the path of progress and to achieve recognition, respect and honour. ‘Muhurat’ is to select an appropriate time for starting a new venture. To get the desired results in new ventures, we decide different frames for different kinds of work, for which we consider the combination of Panchang, Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Karan and Yoga. Time has the potential to make one either strong or weak. A Muhurat which is fruitful for some one, can be proved inauspicious for others. 

‘Muhurat’ means to take out an auspicious time for starting work by predictive astrology, which leads to strong possibilities for the successful completion of work.

The following points should be followed for counting Muhurata.

(1) Nakshatra on the day of event, and its placement of its lord in one’s Kundali

(2) Day Lord

(3)The Muhutat, when lagana and Moon are transiting on a retrograde planet Nakshatra, or the Lord of Nakshatra- Saturn and Moon should not be combined at the time of Muhurat otherwise there will be hurdles and will not yield fruitful results.

(4) The work should be performed in an auspicious Muhurata only, it should not be delayed if your guests or chief guest or relatives have not reached on time

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