Planetary impacts on Relationships

Planetary positions affecting relationships is not something we’ve unheard. It has been going on since ancient times. Furthermore it determines the problems that would arise in natives. Because of ill placed planets in their horoscope. And hence in finding effective solutions for the same. So that you can avoid the negative effects of Planetary impacts on Relationships

So does astrology affects relationships?


The effects of planetary positions can so not be ignored. A person having strong and positive influence of planets is lucky. Therefore, can have a remarkable relationship.

Similarly if the houses showing relationship aspect of one’s life are negatively affected by planets. Then the person will have unhappy and an unsuccessful relationship. One must know that planetary placements ultimately decides a person’s life. 

Furthermore, its depending on planetary positions that will decide if your relationship will take a flight or sink.


Having negatively placed planets in your horoscopes doesn’t mean it’s an end to your lovely relationship. It simply means you need to seek help from an expert astrologer. Who has found loopholes in the negative affects of planet. He’ll give the perfect remedies for you. Hence, with these remedies you will have a forever time with your partner. To tell about your relationship success stories. Despite having negative planet energies wanting to affect your romantic life.

Let’s see what planets affect your relationship life. Moreover how differently each of them creates the unwanted havoc.

All 9 planets play a huge role in ultimate fate of various aspects of our life. However to decode any relationship aspect. People should have cautious awareness around these planets.

Which planets:


Ketu is responsible for throwing the bomb. It can end relationships or it’s beginning.


Rahu is the sudden break put to the relationships. Only difference is this sudden break doesn’t save you. Nevertheless it puts a forever full stop to your relationship.


Saturn is responsible for sinking couple’s trust . That ultimately is the end. Because no relationship lasts without trusts. 


Also known as Mangal Dosha or Mangalik Dosh, is a highly volatile planet. Furthermore, It signifies anger & arguments. If it’s negatively placed in their native horoscopes.

However, it can be treated on time & with proper vedic remedies. Its for couples that wants to see a future.


Sun is the mean planet of all which signifies dominance. Therefore, no mutual understanding in the relationship. And there will always be ego issues.

All this may surely be feeling too much to understand right now. Also worrisome but you need expertise of an astrologer. He/She can first make you aware of the problems. And can then help you understand your chart. To give you effective remedies that will promise you. A promise for a successful present & future to your relationship.

For result oriented efforts, do take up the courage today. Moreover You can improve your relationship. If it’s not going good right now and fix an appointment today! Don’t let planetary impacts on relationships put any disappointment in your life.

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