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Vedic astrology is India’s ancient system of knowledge. According to teachings, our goals in life should be spiritual growth. Moreover, Vedic astrology shows accurate calculations and is more reliable. In fact, to become a Vedic scholar, take up the best course to learn vedic astrology online. Further, you can study basic to advanced astrology. And, learn how to make Vedic astrology birth charts. Additionally , understand zodiac signs and dates to give the best life advice to people. 

To begin with, introducing to you the finest online course in vedic astrology. Moreover, let’s answer some most asked questions about vedic astrology:

Frequently asked questions about astrology:

  1. Is Vedic astrology difficult to learn?

> No, in fact all you need is dedicated time and some intense passion to learn it vedic astrology online. Moreover you already have the knowledge for a lot of questions in astrology. As a matter of fact, a vedic expert will just connect the dots and expand your knowledge.

  1. Can I learn Astrology online?

> Yes, you can definitely learn it online. Besides, it takes 8 to 12 weeks to learn it.

  1. How to make a career in Vedic Astrology?

> In fact after taking up the best online vedic astrology course, you become fit for work. In fact, you can work with successful astrologers and Vaastu experts. Moreover, provided you’ve been given a vedic astrology online certificate course.

In fact, a top vedic astrology course online differs from the free vedic astrology online courses. Because you when you learn vedic astrology online/offline you learn in depth. In fact, you get the correct knowledge of vedic astrology. And how to apply it in personal life or make a career out of it.


ASTROLOGY – Full Vedic Course


  1. Theory of Vedic Jyotisha
  2. Astronomy & Maths
  3. 12 Zodiac signs, Planets, 12 Houses, 27 Nakshatra
  4. Moreover, How to prepare ASC/Chalit/MD-AD charts
  5. Birth Time Rectification
  6. Divisional Charts, KP Astrology, Predictions
  7. Remedies, Mahurat System, Prashna Kundali
  8. In fact, Real Live examples and Practical Training
  9. And, a 100 Marks Exam + Certification

Teacher: Gautam Kamboj

About Teacher: Vedic Astrologer in Kingston Canada with 10 years of experience in Astrology, Vastu-Shastra & Spiritualism

Sessions: 2 Hours weekly session for 7 months

Language: English/Hindi as per your choice

Medium:  Zoom (And Access to recordings if you miss lecture)

Fee: INR 8000/ $200 (per month)

LEVEL 1: BASICDetailsThings to be learntHOURS
Concept of Zodiac Sign Vedic astrologyElements, Nature, Gender of 12 Zodiac Sign.1
THEORY OF ASTROLOGY , Various systems and branches of astrology and House divisions, Origin and history of astrology.Sidereal Astrology, Tropical Astrology.Understanding of Indian vedic astrology vs other forms of astrology.1
ASTRONOMY RELEVANT TO ASTROLOGY (Solar system, Planets, Signs, Constellations forms and their lords. Moreover, Division of Zodiac and basics of signs. Theory of astronomy – Basic concepts. Rotation and revolution of planets.)Overall Idea about Astrology.Mathematics to calculate Planets.2
MATHEMATICAL ASTROLOGY (Time Difference–Standard, Zonal and Sidereal Time, GMT, IST and LMT. Concept of Ayanamsa and difference between Indian and Western systems.)MathematicsCalculation of Longitude, Latitude, Birth time calculations and kundali making.2
 Zodiac signs -3Aries, Taurus, GeminiNature, Business, and various matters related to the Zodiac Signs.2
 Zodiac signs -3Cancer, Leo, VirgoNature, Business, and various matters related to the Zodiac Signs.2
 Zodiac signs -3Libra, Scorpio, SaggitariusNature, Business, and various matters related to the Zodiac Signs.2
 Zodiac signs -3Capricorn, Aquarius, PiscesNature, Business, and various matters related to the Zodiac Signs.2
 Planets in Astrology – 3 PlanetsSun, Moon, MarsNature, Business, disease and various matters related to the Planets.2
 Planets in Astrology – 3 PlanetsMercury, Venus, JupiterNAture, Business, disease and various matters related to the Planets.2
 Planets in Astrology – 3 PlanetsSaturn, Rahu, KetuNAture, Business, disease and various matters related to the Planets.2
 Planets in Astrology – 3 PlanetsUranus, Neptune , PlutoNAture, Business, disease and various matters related to the Planets.2
 Significance of houses in Kundali.1 to 12 Divisions, Houses in a Kundali.Moreover, what all things we forsee from each house with respect to everything in Life.2
How to make a KundaliMathematics of making KundaliCan make manual Kundali on its own, better understanding behind Kundali Calculations.2
 Basic maths required in Advance Astrology.Mathematics of making KundaliUnderstanding of Kundali maths, Panchang.2
 Basics of Birth Time Rectification calculations.Ruling PlanetsPreparations for Birth Time Rectification2
Art of Prediction through Varg- System in AstrologyVarg System, Divisional Charts – True Vedic form of Astrology.Moreover, to What system will be followed in Astrology.2
Predict various things through Divisional Charts Part 1.Lagna Kundali, Hora, DrekkannaPrediction related to Health, Finance, Siblings.2
Predict various things through Divisional Charts Part 2Saptamansh, Navmansh, DwadashanshPrediction for Marriage, Kids, Parents 2
Predict various things through Divisional Charts Part 3Trisamsh, Dashamsh, SodshamshPrediction for Disease, Career, Profession, Vehical, Property2
Predict various things through Divisional Charts Part 4.Shastiamsh, ChaturVimshash,Prediction for Foregin Settlements, Education.2
Predict various things through Divisional Charts Part 5.Vishamsh, Bomsh, Akshavedansh.Prediction for Strenght, Well beign, Mental Peace of a person in Life.2
How to combine Houses/Planets/ Rashi etc. to predict events.Overall art of Predictions.How to do predictions2
About Dasha System (time of events in life.Mahadasha, AnterDasha.Timings of events in a life.2
About Transit(Gochar)Current planet vs Kundali PlanetsDefining the correct prediction time and things.2
RevisionRevision of above concepts.And Clarifications of all the Doubts.2
About Nakshatra27 NakshatraHow it helps in Advance Astrology2
Birth Time RectificationCombination of Kundali + Navmansh + Shastiamsh + Transit.To reach correct Birth Time of a Person2
 Remedies for all the planetssolutions for all planets and Houses..To give Remedies which will help one to decrease their problems.2
 Gemstone AstrologyWhich Gemstone for which PlanetHow Gemstone will help person to improve its Aura and life.2
Medical AstrologyPlanets vs Disease vs Zodiac SignMoreover, to rectify any major Disease in a Person, Give Astrological Remedies.2
Mahurat SystemMahurat CalculationsNew Home Mahurat, Business Start, Vehical, Education, Marriage etc.2
Predictions through various real examples covered in class12 Examples Real life exapmples to understand the science of Astrology.2
100 Marks Exam to be conductedQuestions from all the above modules.2

Furthermore, this course is built and designed for your success. And, you will be awarded with an online certificate. When you complete this vedic astrology course. 

On the other hand, you will learn vedic astrology course online from the comfort of your home . And, from anywhere in the world given the pandemic situation. The fee is INR 8,000 / $200 (per month)

In fact you will become a certified vedic astrologer. And be fit in working like a top astrologer!

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Finally, get the syllabus and any other doubts thoroughly solved!

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Nevertheless, More power to you!

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