Planets that brings Wealth to you

So, everyone wants to earn lot of money in life. That’s how it is. “Money is not everything..but need money for doing everything”

Wealth in Astrology is majorly seen from two places, 2nd house and 11th house, however, 11th house is the most important house when looking for wealth. Most people including astrologers think that wealth is seen from the 2nd house. This is not correct. 2nd house in astrology represents are assets (family assets) or fixed assets like jewelry, house, land, business and family business. 11th house of astrology is all about gains, incoming gains. Wealth is all about liquid flow of money and 11th house is the only house that shows the incoming river of money, hopes & wishes. 11th house fulfills our hopes & wishes, and 99.9% of people’s hopes & wishes are to be financially secure.

Additionally, 6th and 10th house also brings in money. 6th house if of our daily Job, work life and 10th house signifies promotion in our job. Overall, 10th house is seen for one’s career and growth. D-10 i.e. Dasamsa kundali is important for one’s career.

Whenever you want to judge a person’s wealth in astrology, you have to look at their 11th house; what planet is sitting in that house, what planet rules 11th house and what planets are aspecting the 11th house. In Astrology there is something called Dasha, which I explain in my future blogs. Dasha is a period of one single planet that is ruling your life at the current moment. From birth to death you are being ruled by a certain planet.


For the first 7 years of your life you might be ruled by Mars, and for the next 18 years of your life you might be ruled by Rahu, then Jupiter for next 16 years. Now, if you are running the dasha of a planet that is controlling your 11th house or sitting in the 7th house, in good position then gains of wealth is prominent.

Once you see that 11th house in the co-ordinates that means your true wealth will come in the dasha period of that planet. This is why it’s very important to know the true and real astrology instead of your daily weekly and yearly horoscope. 11th house is the most important house in astrology in terms of wealth & money