Retrograde Saturn’s impacts on Career

You are about to witness a transformation in all aspects of your life. Saturn which is the planet of karma, discipline, lessons and rigidity is going retrograde. And it’s happening in Aquarius and in fact Retrograde Saturn’s impacts on Career is going to affect all zodiac signs.

The changes you will experience during this time will be a reminder to you too for feeling, observing and noticing your inner self.

During these times people pay attention to issues in their job and businesses. In fact some people get motivated to change their career path completely. That’s how transformative this period is. Though not that it’s any bad to change a career path completely. Therefore it’s your way to know where you will truly excel and where your passion always lies.

First let’s learn a little about Saturn Retrograde 2021 and then see how it’s going to affect all the planets and zodiac ofcourse:

Saturn Retrograde is going to occur from May 23 to October 10 in Aquarius. Once a year, the karmic planet saturn goes retrograde giving us an opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months of our lives. As a matter of fact it is going to affect all the planets. 

How does it affect work life?

It can give distorted and unexpected results during its retrograde position or put a break in your career

Who should be taking care the most during this time?

Those born under Capricorn, Aquarius sun sign should not venture into anything new as there will be unexpected issues arising in the finishing of the project. 

Effects of Retrograde Saturn

Effects will be showcased the most if the retrograde Saturn is moving in your sun sign or moon sign or ascendant sign. 


Your house represents all career related perspectives. It’s known as Career- House of Astrology. During retrograde, you will be blessed with prosperity provided it will be achieved through honest work. Moreover do not meltdown into making some extra money through illegal activities. And in your workplace, always be kind in your language. As a matter of fact that may turn out to be beneficial for you. 


You represent 9th house. It strongly symbolizes ethics, Dharma, higher learning. Moreover that’s why there will be mixed results in your career. Although you will experience help and support in some work.


Your place in the 8th house signifies sudden gains and longevity. You will need to strictly introspect your career mistakes during this period. Geminis involved in research work will benefit well at this time. 


You are at the 7th house which signifies partnerships of all kinds. All the work related to trading or cancerians having partners in business will benefit during this word. Your business will start to take a leap despite the pandemic we are all in.


You denote the 6th house; the house of debts, enemies, regular life and well being. You can risk your decisions in finance matters related to work but there should be proper planning behind it. Moreover there is going to be success at work. You will also be surprised to see that you will be able to win over your enemies and find your enemies praising your work


Job pressure will be high for you and workload might increase each day. Indeed, you should make you decisions as soon as possible


It is at the 4th house. There will be some problems occurring in business but be assured it will be gone soon. However there will be positive changes seen in businesses. Libra signifies possession, land matters of career. 


This Retrograde Saturn’s impacts on Career is going to bring immense harmony in your life. You will receive favorable results  in your career. A deal made in the past may come up and turn out to be successful. Younger siblings’ will help and support . Career like politics will see a beneficial time since this time will give them auspicious results at social level. 


There will be old investments which will benefit you. People who have jobs must work with more integrity. Communication in your work life might be hazy right now and you need to correct some mistakes.


You are obviously getting rid of Saturn but you might have witnessed some effects in the financial area. After all this time, it’s now time to revise your own value and revise your goods and finances in businesses. However become more thoughtful in your career path and don’t let anything just happen because during Retrograde Saturn’s impacts on Career, you need to be seriously introspecting everything.


Saturn will make you experience the strongest influence. However you will feel Saturn’s presence very strongly. In career, you might see that you are not able to reap the fruits but don’t panic. Whatever happens, work honestly and you will get good results.


Problems with old enemies at work might manifest so watch out for that. On the flip side you will have the full support of your family especially, elder brother.

Basic remedies you can do:




This is your chance to see a complete transformation so RESET yourself.

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