Tips to Become a Successful Astrologer

You’ve got this innate gift that is the love for astrology and you want to pursue it professionally to help people understand and win life with their stars. There are some crucial things you must know before you set out in the professional world to become a Successful Astrologer.

Your audience is everywhere. They want to learn about their future,  how their career will be along with their relationships and other areas of life. People even start important ventures only after consulting an Astrologer. So you clearly know that you have a huge responsibility and you must realize it every day.

Qualifications needed to be an Astrologer-

  • Other than the basic qualifications like having passed the 12th standard, you should have an immense interest in Astrology.
  • You must learn and gain knowledge about Astrology under a good guru. You can’t attain astrology knowledge just from anywhere.

About Astrology and Jyotish

An astrologer is a word we use in day-to-day life whereas Jyotish has altogether a different meaning. Jyotish is a science of spirituality. We are not just predicting but making ourselves and people more aware of ourselves.

This is not a science with techniques but a science of spirituality.

So there is a code of conduct you need to follow. You are here to maintain that code of conduct. Because when you maintain you’ll see yourself evolving as a wonderful Jyotish.

Tips to become a successful astrologer-

  • You are not into this for money but to give a service to people and they trust you for that.
  • You are here to help so take out any type of greed away and be honest in your work because here your words actually matter.
  • To be an astrologer/Jyotish, you should have a Sattvic life. It’s good if you are vegetarian because it aids good digestion and your mind feels lighter. 

When you are a non-vegetarian, your tamas- negative qualities increase.

And really, your food is very important.

  • You should follow some practices like following some kind of prayer/sadhana. It doesn’t matter what religion you belong to.
  • Lastly, when you do the Gayatri mantra, your soul power will improve, you will be able to predict well to people. So if not started yet, begin practicing Gayatri Mantra every day.

If you want some key takeaways from this blog then it would be,

  1. Follow a good code of conduct because people put their entire trust in you.
  2. Maintain a Sattvic life.
  3. Enjoy good food,  preferably vegetarian.
  4. Gayatri Mantra

Lastly, try to live a life by being nonviolent and being peaceful with people. And you will be good to go as a successful astrologer

More power to you!

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